Arquitect Contract is a general contractor specialized in the design and realization of architectures and temporary architectures, exhibit design, custom stand design, shops, interior design, branding management and consulting for architectural design.

Our mission is to follow our customers from the first design approach to the delivery of finished work, taking care of every step of the design and production.


The experience of Arquitect Contract has developed in the years especially in the field of goldsmithing, jewelery and watchmaking, providing stands to its customers in the most important events of this sector: VicenzaOro, Baselworld , Oro Arezzo, Inhorgenta, HOMI Milano. The custom stands designed and supplied by Arquitect Contract are not aware of commercial grade limits and the Company's experience extends to any commercial sector such as food, fashion and technical supplies.


Arquitect Contract provides branding consulting services that include different sectors, including the retail world, which is normally linked to the brand image proposed in the trade-fairs: in the field of shops, Arquitect Contract provides the architectural and executive project, the management of the administrative documents and of the whole construction site until the delivery of the finished work.

exhibit design

This is the sector in which Arquitect Contract is truly specialized: in the design of displays, showcases, counters and display systems focuses all the experience of Arquitect Contract in terms of design, Company brand image, lighting techniques and knowledge of materials. Arquitect Contract provides the complete service, including storage, delivery and installation of the displays and shop-in-shop produced.

set design

Thanks to the experience acquired in the field of the exhibition, Arquitect Contract has been able to realize exhibition projects in museums and temporary exhibitions, congresses, private and CompanY events for any requirement.


Arquitect Contract was born from the merger of the professionalism of two architects - Luca Biancoviso and Carlotta La Jacona - who took their degrees at the University IUAV of Venice and are enrolled in the Order of Architects of the Province of Vicenza: the passion for architecture is developing not only in the projects for Companies, but also in the private housing sector, particularly with regard to interior design work, restoration and furnishing of houses, showrooms and offices. Design is communication.